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massage ShiatsuEveryday life tensions accumulate little by little in our body, creating faintness and diseases, that is why we need an alternative therapy which helps us recover our balance and energy.

Health is our natural state.
 Shiatsu is a powerful stimulation to strengthen it.

    Shiatsu means finger pressure. It is a therapy of Japanese origin which restores the balance of body and mind energy. Shiatsu stimulates and harmonizes energy to enhance health and well-being. Shiatsu is a holistic treatment of the whole body, with pressure on some specific points as well as rotation and stretching movements, hence enabling your body to recover its natural harmony.

Paz ShiatsuShiatsu activates self-healing powers enhancing health and vitality. It stimulates the autonomous nervous system and promotes a long list of physical benefits.  Some of the many improvements you should experience are better circulation, enhanced muscle flexibility, a better aligned skeletal system, more regular digestion, a better functioning endocrine system, a stabilized nervous system which leads to a more robust immune system, and improved skin tone, among others..

application-of-shiatsu Shiatsu is a therapy for relaxation and enhanced well-being which helps prevent ill health. It reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety.  It helps smokers wanting to quit. It brings relief for back problems, headaches and muscular tensions. It also alleviates physical weakness, arthritis, insomnia, and intestinal and menstrual problems. It is indicated for pregnant women and after delivery. Shiatsu complements other treatments, addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of many ailments, and it gives lasting results.

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