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Terapia ShiatsuThe Shiatsu is one of the treasures of physical care.

Shiatsu is practiced on a futon or on massage table while you wear comfortable, natural-fiber clothing, which allows you to live your body quite freely.

Shiatsu can be given without age limit, to babies, children, teenagers, adults, elderly. The session will be adapted to each.

Thanks to Shiatsu, you can release tensions, overcome emotional disorders, hence  eliminating mental and physical fatigue.


A session lasts one hour

beneficios del shiatsu

Benefits of Shiatsu
 beneficios del shiatsuAllow the body to relax and recover

 beneficios del shiatsuRelieve the tensions

 beneficios del shiatsuBreath deepening

 beneficios del shiatsuEnhance body flexibility

 beneficios del shiatsuImprove circulation of vital energy

 beneficios del shiatsuStimulate immune system

 beneficios del shiatsuRecover vitality

  Shiatsu is increasingly efficient if we respect the simple and natural laws such as food balance, regular practice of physical exercises and relaxation and a lifestyle allowing us to be in harmony with nature…

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