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Duet of Shiatsu…

New exclusive sensations for a total well-being. A deep connection between mind and heart that you can feel through every fiber of your body.

Two professionals of Shiatsu attending you at the same time: a woman and a man to move simultaneously the feminine and masculine energies of the receiver. The intention is to break mental control inducing surrender without resistance to the synchronized flow of movement and contact.

…and… duet of energy

shiatsu 4manos4 hands to mobilize, stimulate or relax the energy of your body with great intensity, triggering an absolute dedication, which connects the receiver with its own source of physical, emotional and spiritual power. From this state it is possible to reach a natural regulation of the body, that gives a feeling of deep rest, clarity of the mind, emotional balance and vitality.

It is the great magic of Shiatsu. The touch that induces, relaxes, heats and penetrates far beyond the skin.

4 hands shiatsu - Duration : one hour

patient wearing light cotton clothes

On futon (floor)

only by appointment

Ecole Japonaise

ecole japonaise